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Episode #47, "Practicing Gray Man Principles"

April 12, 2021 Mark & Krista Lawley Episode 47
Practical Prepping Podcast
Episode #47, "Practicing Gray Man Principles"
Show Notes

Episode #47, Practicing "Gray Man" Principles

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We usuall think of "gray man" concepts in a SHTF context, but it is not just for shtf, it's very useful going about our daily lives.

The objective is to blend in with others around you.
     On a campus, backpacks are the norm, but not tactical backpacks
     In a professional environment, upscale leather brief case, computer bag, or messenger bag firs in.
     In a work environment, computer cases and shoulder bags blend in.
     While on vacation, try not to be looking like a tourist

We should not be sticking out, and  not bedrawing attention.
Blend in by dressing like the people you expect to be around.
Don't make yourself a possible target of attack

Understanding these concepts help us in our situational awareness. They help us in watching for those who are "out of place"

AT HOME we can practice some "gray man" principles.
     Don't announce travels or social media before or while away.
     Don't put big ticket item boxes on the curb such as the new 72" TV box. That advertises to burglars.

Be discrete when loading weapons into vehicles.
Cut labels off certain boxes, which may identify us as preppers, before putting them in the recycle bin.

During SHTF
     Wear NO tactical clothing
     Carry NO tactical bags
     Better to have hikers backpack, otherwise use raincover over tactical pack
     Display No tactical gear:
     No knives affixed to shoulder straps
     Keep everything concealed

In the city, wear neutral colors
     Blends in with city buildings, sreets, and objects
     Avoid bright colors

In rual areas wear seasonal clothing
     Hunting clothing normal attire in some areas
     Jeans and shirt, cap

Around group of people, behave like everyone else 
     Ask the same questions, exhibit same actions
     Act like the "normal" folks are acting.
     STAY situationally aware
     Know when to disappearand

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