Practical Prepping Podcast

Episode # 57 "Bugging Out, Avoiding Survival Situations, And Surviving Grid Down"

May 05, 2021 Mark & Krista Lawley Episode 57
Practical Prepping Podcast
Episode # 57 "Bugging Out, Avoiding Survival Situations, And Surviving Grid Down"
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Episode # 57 "Bugging Out, Avoiding, Survival Situations, And Surviving Grid Down"

Too much emphasis Is placed on bugging out, and building a BOB is often the first thing many new preppers do.

Sure, all the sexy gear and gadgets are fun, and we romanticize the iea of living like Grizzly Adams, Jeremiah Johnson, or Tom Hanks on the movie "Castaway"

The truth is, we should Bug Out Only when we cannot survive where we are, or bugging out increases our chances of survival, or when we can no longer access or obtain resources necessary to survive.

We discuss avoiding survival situations.
An ounce of prevention better than pound of cure.
WE want to be Proactive rather than reactive.
Have a plan.

We touch on situational awareness In public places as well as In the outdoors.
Check the weather and news before going somewhere. What is the environment, temperature, terrain, and water availability?

We cover carrying appropriate backup gear, letting someone know where you are going and expected return time, and then check in with them.

We get into some of the gear we should be carrying, and a survival mindset.

Finally we talk about Surviving Grid Down Situations.

It's All about safety, having a plan, and staging supplies in different areas of our house.

Communications will be a MUST in surviving a grid down SHTF, and we discuss that.
(We have done several podcasts on communications, so check out episodes #12, #13, #15, and #16.
We also have articles on communications on the website at

Skills, skills, skills, did we say skills? You MUST have skills to survive a grid down situation. We talk about that.

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